GSC On-Site Services
OSHA VPP Key Elements & Alignment

As national members of VPPPA, we understand lowering DART / TCIR increases productivity and reduces frequency and severity of workers’ compensation and disability costs contributing to improved bottom-line performance. We also insure continued management buy-in by demonstrating ROI through outcome measurement.

In just a short phone call, we can quickly explore specific areas to focus on and help build a plan for positive momentum starting day one. This way, your plan is based on management expectations and tailored to your unique situation. GSC On-Site is committed to helping companies reach or maintain VPP status.

GSC On-Site’s Job Analysis Plus program is available throughout the US and Canada, and our Injury Prevention Specialist staffing model is available throughout the US only.

GSC-Onsite-VPP-Chart (1)

• Job Analysis Plus for VPP readiness and acceleration.

• Full credit answer for management commitment, employee involvement, health and safety investments.

• OSHA question: what are you doing to reduce DART and TCIR?

• Job Analysis Plus = hire smarter, return-to-work pathways, coordination with medical and case management, injury prevention, and address aging workforce.


GSC On-Site is an official VPPPA Member/Partner.