Post-Offer Agility Testing

Post Offer Agility Testing

The Americans with Disability Act implemented in 1991 created a new challenge for employer recruitment and hiring. Post-offer agility testing is an option for employers to assess a potential employee’s ability to meet the physical demands of the job. This is especially helpful for physically demanding or repetitive jobs.

Post-offer agility testing must have a job analysis completed that identifies specific essential functions, job demands, and isolates physical requirements. Once completed, the agility test should be custom designed to reflect these job demands.

Post-offer agility testing can be used in conjunction with a pre-employment physical or drug testing protocol or can be used as a stand-alone service. A pass or fail rating is issued to the employer. Studies have shown better “worker – job matching”, fewer work injuries, better employee retention and lower recruiting costs for employers that have a post offer agility testing program in place.