PO Agility Test Protocol Development

Post Offer Agility Test Protocol Development

GSC On-Site offers custom Post offer employment and agility test protocol development services. These protocols accurately simulate the critical physical demands associated with essential tasks identified by the GSC Job Analysis. This process is necessary to insure ADA Title 1 compliance and defensibility. The steps required to develop the customized employment or Fitness for Duty test include:

  • Develop test protocol based on maximum physical tolerances and frequencies for each job.
  • Create all test forms and protocols, equipment list and design testing layout
  • Coordinate with HR for development of policies for pre-employment and post injury fitness for duty.
  • Conduct beta testing with employees and supervisors that are currently performing each job.
  • Receive feedback and recommendations for test protocol modification to insure test protocol accurately represents the physical demands of each job.
  • Revise the testing protocols based on the beta testing results.
  • Provide administrator with post offer test protocols.