On-Site Therapy

On-Site Industrial Therapy

The Industrial Rehabilitation Model is an on-site clinic environment differing from traditional therapy as follows:

  • Establishes return to work goal at initial evaluation
  • Compares therapy performance to physical demands of job
  • Uses baseline testing to determine current status for treating physician to use for work restrictions
  • Provide graded transitional return to work plans to full duty work
  • Incorporates job simulation into the active treatment phase of therapy facilitating proper body mechanics training and maximizes job performance.

This approach results in lower therapy utilization and reduced lost time or modified duty days.

The Industrial Rehabilitation Model can be applied to work related or non-work injuries such as personal medical claims, short and long term disability claims.  This approach creates a solution to the absence management challenge for employers and claims. Using the same industrial rehabilitation methodology, GSC On-Site Industrial Therapy Return-To-Work Model can shorten the disability cycle and provide treating physicians with objective data to make more accurate and timely return to work decisions.