Managed Return-to-Work

Managed Return-to-Work

On-Site Industrial Therapy


The Industrial Rehabilitation Model can be applied to work related or non-work injuries such as personal medical claims, short and long term disability claims.  This approach creates a solution to the absence management challenge for employers and claims. Using the same industrial rehabilitation methodology, GSC On-Site Industrial Therapy Return-To-Work Model can shorten the disability cycle and provide treating physicians with objective data to make more accurate and timely return to work decisions.

Structured Return-To-Work Plan


Structured Return-to Work programs are short term programs designed to transition an employee from off work/modified duty to full duty at their usual and customary job. Structured Return-to Work plans are typically 2-6 weeks in length and are designed to provide graded, modified work assignments as the worker increases work tolerance and eventual return to full duty.

Fit For Duty Testing


Fitness-for-Duty testing is an injury and disability cost containment tool that objectively measures an employee’s post injury physical capacity compared to the physical demands of his/her job as a condition to their release to return to work.