Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Work-Site Ergonomic Evaluation


The right ergonomics solutions reduce injury risk and simultaneously improve productivity and workplace efficiency. The GSC Injury Prevention Specialist conducts standardized work-site ergonomic evaluations to determine the root cause for employee report of symptoms.

Body Mechanics Training / Job Coaching


A healthier workforce means less frequency and severity of work related injuries, higher productivity and reduced lost work days due to injury or disability. Our GSC On-Site Injury Prevention Specialists can help you motivate and educate employees at their workstation while performing their normal work activities but without compromising productivity.

Pre-shift Warm-up


The GSC On-Site Pre-Shift Warm-Up Programs are highly effective in reducing injury and improving productivity. A baseline of employee flexibility and quarterly monitoring of the program ensures consistency. Exercises are job specific and include flexibility, balance and core strength.

Prevention Plus


The GSC Prevention Plus First Aid Only Program is specifically designed for the employee who is complaining of musculoskeletal soft tissue symptoms or fatigue. To maintain OSHA compliance for reporting, protocols are designed to provide a non-therapeutic approach to evaluation, education and training of the employee in best handling methods, home exercises and symptom management techniques. Specific criteria have been establishes for case selection, symptom reporting, case communication and outcome measurement for this program.

Post Offer Agility Testing


The Americans with Disability Act implemented in 1976 created a new challenge for employer recruitment and hiring. Post-offer agility testing is an option for employers to assess a potential employee’s ability to meet the physical demands of the job. This is especially helpful for physically demanding or repetitive jobs.

Physical Demands Assessment


A Physical Demand Assessment (PDA) documents essential function of job description information as well as the physical requirements to perform a job. The PDA requires exact measurement of force, frequency, biomechanics and task duration. GSC uses the Department Of Labor Handbook For Analyzing Jobs as our methodology for analyzing and reporting the PDA data.