Injury Prevention Specialist Summary


Injury Prevention Specialist: Value Cycle

The Injury Prevention Specialist program is an innovative, voluntary workplace program designed to improve the health and productivity of employees and address the need to keep employees strong and healthy.

Injury Prevention Specialist (IPS) are meant to assess and resolve early symptoms and educate employees on self-care techniques to avoid future symptom progression or injury. IPS assess symptoms, apply first aid techniques such as ice, tape, and manual therapy, and provide body mechanics training and postural education to relieve discomfort based on employee symptoms.

Like professional athletes training for competition, the Injury Prevention Specialist program takes aim at eliminating discomfort and pain that often results from performing a physically demanding job and improving physical resilience of the employees. The primary purposes of the Injury Prevention Specialist program are:

  • Improve the overall physical resilience of employees to prevent the occurrence of occupational injuries and work-related time loss through a program called Job Conditioning.
  • Detect and treat early symptoms before they resulted in an injury through Symptom Intervention
  • Return injured employees to the workplace earlier than might otherwise be expected using traditional return-to-work methods by Work Hardening. *