Employee Selection

Employee Selection

Job Analysis


A Job Analysis (JA) differs from a job description, job safety/hazard analysis in that a JA documents job description information as well as the physical requirements to perform a job. The JA requires exact measurement of force, frequency, biomechanics and task duration. GSC uses the Department Of Labor Handbook For Analyzing Jobs as our methodology for analyzing and reporting the JA data.

Post Hire Work Transition Program


To help prevent injuries and unnecessary new employee turnover, The GSC Injury Prevention Specialist teaches employees to perform exercises that focus on body mechanics, stability, balance and flexibility. Other exercises are customized for each employee based on specific job requirements. The primary focus of the Post Hire Work Transition program is to teach safe work habits and best known method to perform new job functions at maximum productivity rate.

Post Offer Agility Test Protocol Development


GSC On-Site offers custom Post offer employment and agility test protocol development services. These protocols accurately simulate the critical physical demands associated with essential tasks identified by the GSC Job Analysis. This process is necessary to insure ADA Title 1 compliance and defensibility.