GSC, ADA compliant job analysis and employee testing programs have reduced hiring and training costs by 55%, compatible with the NIOSH failure rate of 11% for candidates not meeting the physical demands of the job applied for.



OSHA reports, MSDs account for $1 out of every $3 spent on workers’ compensation claims. Over 10 years, only 5% of Prevention Plus cases converted to OSHA recordable cases and outcomes showed over 80% reduction in both lost work days and severity of claims.



Over 20 years, average number of therapy visits for non-surgical cases is 11 and surgical cases 24 with permanent disability of less than 3%. Lost work days are reduced by creating transitional programs allowing employees to work in fully productive modified duty positions until fully healed.



GSC employs a methodology to effectively measure critical outcome factors integrated with customized reporting capability giving our customers straight line of sight to return on investment. Controlling our quality and class of service delivered is our #1 priority to both employers and employees keeping them injury free and productive throughout their careers.

Do you need GSC On-Site Industrial Coaching and Therapy?

If any of these statements sound familiar… The answer is YES.

“We often add employees only to learn they aren’t

physically capable of performing they job they were hired to do.”

“After hiring an employee, we often discover

after-the-fact they were previously rejected by one of our competitors.”

“Many of our recent hires are getting injured within the first year of employment, how can we avoid this?

“We thought we had the right tools in place,

but our absenteeism rates are worse than ever?”

“We know injured workers can be reassigned to other job functions in many cases. How do we evaluate where they will be most effective?